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Robert Carlock is an Executive Producer and the co-head writer of “30 Rock” on NBC.  In addition to winning three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series, Carlock has been nominated for the Emmy’s individual writing award three times.  He has won multiple Producers’ Guild and Writers’ Guild Awards as well as recognition from the American Film Institute.  His work on “30 Rock” also garnered Carlock a Peabody Award, a Television Critics Association Award, a GLAAD Award, a Gold Plaque from the Hugo Television Awards, a Golden Nymph from the Monaco Film and Television Festival, a Bravo A-List Award, some award that’s shaped like a Calder stabile, a Comedy Central Comedy Award, and a Golden Globe.

Prior to joining “30 Rock” he was a writer and Producer for the NBC sitcom “Friends” for three years, during which time the show won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series and three People’s Choice Awards.  He was also a Co-Executive Producer of “Joey,” the People’s Choice Award-winning spin-off of “Friends” that was clearly ahead of its time and will only truly be appreciated by historians.

He spent five years on “Saturday Night Live” as a staff writer and was nominated for both an Emmy and a Writers’ Guild Award and, in 2009 as a guest writer on “SNL,” he won a Writers’ Guild Award for Comedy-Variety Series.  For two years on “SNL” Carlock produced “Weekend Update,” including the first year that the segment was hosted by Jimmy Fallon and “30 Rock” creator Tina Fey.  He started his career as a writer for ABC’s “The Dana Carvey Show.”

Originally from Weston, MA, Carlock went to college in Boston.  Well, not in Boston but nearby.  Across the river.  No, not Tufts.  He now lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children.