Cable television has captured audiences the way movies used to,
and broadcast TV never dared

Influences, Expectations and Responsibility

“I hope that the show asks more questions than it gives answers. I like the idea that things are open-ended and that people have different interpretations of what’s good and what’s bad. I’m not really setting out to deliver a message, necessarily. It’s really just a point of view.”—Terence Winter

It’s really difficult to say goodbye to everybody. I loved working with those people on RESCUE ME. It was really so much fun to go to work every day. We got to do comedy, drama and do this heroic action stuff…I love the process. Storytelling-wise I really fell in love with television…Just being able to write that long and to play a character that long and to play all those different levels. There’s just nothing like it.”—Denis Leary


In the final webisode of this series, DENIS LEARY (Rescue Me) and TERENCE WINTER (Boardwalk Empire) look at the roles they play as writers and the effects that the medium has on the broader audience.

REBECCA DANA (Newsweek/Daily Beast) explores the various inspirations they find in the culture they consume and gets them each to reveal some very unexpected influences in the television they watch.

OnWritingOnline congratulates Terry Winter and the writers of Boardwalk Empire on another GOLDEN GLOBE nomination for Best Drama Series.